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Eternals’ ending, defined by Marvel’s larger film universe

Eternals is a wierd installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s primarily based on obscure characters with one of many weirdest backstories in comics, and includes a race of creator gods who appear to be huge cumbersome robotic toys.

So in some methods, it is sensible that Eternals would have perhaps the weirdest ending of any Marvel film but — it’s received a post-credits scene for a closing scene, and a transparent path towards an Eternals 2 (or perhaps even a much bigger Avengers 5-ish crossover occasion). Even nonetheless, the ending to the movie would possibly depart even the largest MCU followers scratching their heads. Right here’s the right way to start to parse out what occurred on the finish of the Eternals, primarily based on the film continuity and a little bit of comics lore.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Eternals.]

What occurs on the finish of Eternals?

Sersi (Gemma Chan) in Eternals.

Picture: Marvel Studios

The ultimate scenes of Eternals play out as traditional for an ensemble blockbuster. The massive menace (the beginning of Tiamut and the destruction of Earth) has been averted, and our heroes are left to kind out the consequences of that battle on their relationships.

In self-imposed penance for turning in opposition to Arishem, Ikaris hurls himself into the solar. Kingo, who sat out the ultimate battle, adopts Sprite — who’s now only a mortal human child with the recollections of an Everlasting and has to attend regular human college with a traditional human cellphone. And Sersi goes on a stroll within the park along with her regular human boyfriend, Dane Whitman.

Dane is nearly to drop some stunning information on Sersi about his personal darkish secret when swiftly issues cease being so fortunately ever after.

The Celestial Arishem towers in the void of space in Marvel’s Eternals.

Picture: Marvel Studios

Arishem, the Eternals’ robotic dad, scoops Sersi and a number of other different characters out into area with him — some who participated in killing Tiamut, and a few who didn’t, like Kingo and Sprite. They had been all very naughty, and they’re so, so grounded. Arishem is taking them away for some time, however says that he’ll return to Earth sooner or later sooner or later, to guage whether or not or not they had been proper, and if humanity’s potential was really value greater than the potential of the worlds and galaxies Tiamut may need created.

After which the film ends.

However what does that imply for Eternals 2?

Evaluating the potential value or moral mettle of a whole planet of sentients is among the many issues that Celestials are most identified for in Marvel Comics. In a approach, the ending of Eternals is extra like how most Marvel Comics superheroes first encounter Celestials: As humongous and ineffable cosmic judges.

One in all Eternals’ put up credit scenes additional signifies that the following time we see the Eternals, they’ll be involved with no matter Arishem has deliberate, as Druig, Thena, and Makkari meet a few uncommon allies who say they will help them find their lacking mates. That might be in a sequel to Eternals, or it may doubtlessly be one thing extra.

In any case, what’s a much bigger menace than Thanos, the outcast Everlasting? Nicely, there’s at all times the nigh-omnipotent Celestials who created the Eternals within the first place. And positively Marvel writers have discovered methods to carry the superheroic universe collectively with the extra cosmic parts over time.

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