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Yun Jin is a 4-star Geo Polearm character who specialises as a Assist for Regular Attackers, and is accessible on the Character Occasion Want, Epitome Invocation and Wanderlust Invocation Customary Banners. Preserve studying to seek out out what supplies are wanted to Ascend Yun Jin, her greatest builds and an outline of the way to use her successfully.

Yun Jin Ascension Stat

All characters in Genshin Affect have a selected stat that ranges up alongside their base stats. For Yun Jin, this further stat is Vitality Recharge, which can assist her cost her Burst extra successfully.

Genshin Impact Yun Jin Profile

Yun Jin Ascension Supplies

After getting obtained Yun Jin and maxed her to Degree 20, she will be additional levelled up by Ascension. The supplies you will have to Ascend Yun Jin are as follows:

Degree Ascension Supplies
Degree 20 Prithiva Topaz Sliver x 1
Glaze Lily x 3
Broken Masks x 3
Degree 40 Prithiva Topaz Fragment x 3
Riftborn Regalia x 2
Glaze Lily x 10
Broken Masks x 15
Degree 50 Prithiva Topaz Fragment x 6
Riftborn Regalia x 4
Glaze Lily x 20
Stained Masks x 12
Degree 60 Prithiva Topaz Chunk x 3
Riftborn Regalia x 8
Glaze Lily x 30
Stained Masks x 18
Degree 70 Prithiva Topaz Chunk x 6
Riftborn Regalia x 12
Glaze Lily x 45
Ominous Masks x 12
Degree 80 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone x 6
Riftborn Regalia x 20
Glaze Lily x 60
Ominous Masks x 24

Prithiva Topaz Slivers, Fragments, Chunks and Gems will be obtained by defeating Geo Hypostasis, situated in Liyue.

Riftborn Regalias will be obtained by defeating the Golden Wolflord, situated in Inazuma.

Glaze Lilies will be discovered rising in Liyue. They develop in abundance in Liyue Harbour and Qingce Village.

Broken Masks, Stained Masks and Ominous Masks will be obtained by defeating Hilichurls, which will be discovered throughout Teyvat.

Yun Jin Expertise Supplies

With a view to make Yun Jin stronger, you’ll must improve her abilities. The supplies you will have are as follows:

  • Broken Masks
  • Stained Masks
  • Ominous Masks
  • Teachings of Diligence
  • Information to Diligence
  • Philosophies of Diligence
  • Ashen Coronary heart

The Teachings, Information and Philosophies of Diligence will be obtained by finishing the Area of Mastery: Coronary heart of the Flames each Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. In the meantime, the Ashen Coronary heart is a possible drop from the Weekly La Signora Boss.

Yun Jin Greatest Weapons

As a Assist, Yun Jin has a number of stable weapon choices. Listed here are some ideas:

Weapon Rarity
Engulfing Lightning 5-star
Skyward Backbone 5-star
Favonius Lance 4-star
The Catch 4-star
Deathmatch 4-star
Genshin Impact Yun Jin Weapon

Yun Jin could make respectable use of each Engulfing Lightning and Skyward Backbone. Each have Vitality Recharge substats, which can assist her to cost us her Burst, which is a key a part of her equipment. Nevertheless, Engulfing Lightning is usually extra helpful on different characters, so it’s possible you’ll not wish to apply it to Yun Jin. Alternatively, you may use the 4-star Favonius Lance which additionally has a hefty Vitality Recharge substat, and a passive which can generate Vitality particles together with her CRIT hits. The Catch additionally has a superb Vitality Recharge substat, and can also be F2P-friendly. Deathmatch will also be a viable choice, because of its passive which will increase DEF, and its CRIT Fee passive is an added bonus. Nevertheless, the Favonius Lance is usually the perfect 4-star help choice.

Yun Jin Greatest Artifacts

Yun Jin has a pair totally different Artifact units you should utilize on her, relying on what you’re feeling she wants extra. Usually, 4-Piece Husk of Opulent Desires is her greatest set, as it can give her loads of DEF to scale off of. Nevertheless, in the event you discover that you just don’t have sufficient Vitality Recharge on her to make use of her Burst on cooldown, 2-Piece Husk of Opulent Desires and 2-Piece Embelm of Severed Destiny also can work. This mixture will each improve her DEF, while additionally giving her a pleasant quantity of Vitality Recharge.

For low-level gamers, 2-Piece The Exile and 2-Piece Defender’s Will works properly till you’re capable of get increased stage Artifacts.

Genshin Impact Yun Jin Artifacts

To your Artifact major stats, it would be best to run:

  • DEF% / Vitality Recharge Sands
  • DEF% Goblet
  • DEF% / CRIT Fee Circlet

You’ll actually solely wish to put a CRIT Fee Circlet on Yun Jin in the event you’re utilizing her with the Favonius Lance, as it will assist her proc the passive extra repeatedly. By way of Artifact substats, you’ll wish to concentrate on DEF%, Flat DEF, Vitality Recharge, and a few CRIT DMG and CRIT Fee.

The way to Use Yun Jin

Her Elemental Talent, Opening Flourish, has two results based mostly on whether or not the Talent is pressed or assist. On press, Yun Jin thrives her polearm in a cloud-grasping stance, dealing Geo DMG. On maintain, she takes up the Opening Flourish stance and expenses up, forming a defend. DMG Absorption is predicated on Yun Jin’s Max HP and has 150% effectiveness towards all Elemental DMG and Bodily DMG. The defend lasts till she finishes unleashing her Elemental Talent.

When the talent is launched, when its period ends, or when the defend breaks, Yun Jin will unleash the charged power as an assault, dealing Geo DMG. Based mostly on the time spent charging, it can both unleash an assault at Cost Degree 1 or Degree 2.

Her Elemental Burst, Cliffbreaker’s Banner, offers AoE Geo DMG and grants all close by social gathering members a Flying Cloud Flag Formation. Flying Cloud Flag Formation makes it so when Regular Assault DMG is dealt to opponents, Bonus DMG will probably be dealt based mostly on Yun Jin’s present DEF.

The consequences of this talent will probably be cleared after a set period or after being triggered a particular variety of occasions. When one Regular Assault hits a number of opponents, the impact is triggered a number of occasions in response to the variety of opponents hit. The variety of occasions that the impact is triggered is counted independently for every member of the social gathering with Flying Cloud Flag Formation.

Yun Jin’s equipment makes her lean closely in the direction of being a Regular Assault buffer – and he or she does a superb job of it. As long as you stack as a lot DEF on her as doable, she’ll be buffing your characters by an excellent quantity. Nevertheless, there are only some characters who really utilise their Regular Assaults when dealing their DMG; most characters both depend on their Charged Assaults, which Yun Jin’s buff doesn’t apply to, or their Talent / Burst. This makes Yun Jin fairly a distinct segment help.

Greatest Crew Comps

So, what characters can Yun Jin work with? One in all her greatest workforce comps consists of Yun Jin, Yoimiya, Zhongli and Bennett. Since Yoimiya offers nearly all of her DMG by her Regular Assaults, Yun Jin pairs up very properly together with her. Zhongli will assist to guard Yoimiya and set off Geo Resonance, additional growing Yoimiya’s DMG, and Bennett will improve the workforce’s ATK and heal them. Alternatively, Bennett will be swapped for Xingqiu for the Vaporize reactions. 

She will be able to additionally work properly with Ayato, who additionally closely depends on utilizing Regular Assaults. A possible workforce comp for this pairing is Yun Jin, Ayato, and two Electro characters.

Total, whereas area of interest, Yun Jin might help improve the DMG of characters who in any other case would possibly wrestle to deal constant excessive DMG, corresponding to Yoimiya. And, seeing as she’s solely a 4-star character, she’s fairly accessible and straightforward to construct.

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