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Halo Infinite – The Tower Boss Information: Chak ‘Lok

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Chak ‘Lok is a shifty particular person with an invisibility cloak, vitality sword, and pulse carbine. He welcomes you to his Tower, a main location in Halo Infinite’s story missions. 

On Regular and Heroic he can just about finish the combat immediately however on Legendary? I discovered it’s finest to make peace with the actual fact you’ll be seeing the loading display again and again. 

Boss fights are literally fairly a brand new idea to Halo, particularly on this model with well being bars, as prior entries had fight encounters like Responsible Spark in Halo 3 or the recurring fights in Halo 5, however by no means something like this. It’s a neat distraction from the standard fare of Halo sandboxes and mowing down marines accidentally as you jettison your self off a hill in a warthog. 


Chak ‘Lok will nearly all the time begin the combat cloaked, however his define is pretty straightforward to observe for those who spot it. Nevertheless, the sport does introduce the locator previous to this encounter, so simply use that, making an attempt to intention for a central location as he’ll as a rule observe you round as you kite him. 

The hellish nightmare is the sword, which is able to completely end you off in a single swipe on Legendary. His lunges and penchant for simply showing for those who flip round to run away are infuriating. 


Nevertheless, he’s nonetheless an Elite and that is nonetheless a Halo sport. In case you got here in with a Plasma Carbine, ignore this recommendation, however as you dart across the area you’ll discover one mendacity subsequent to a field so that you can use. Ammo bins additionally litter the world and exploding barrels too, which is able to halt him in his tracks, additionally highlighting him too. 


The Plasma Carbine will strip away his shields fairly shortly, however it doesn’t work in the way in which you assume it does. The Carbine is a mid-range weapon, not lengthy or quick. Up shut it does what you anticipate, however you want the reticle to be purple and stand away from him for the plasma photographs to trace him down. 


Doing this and conserving your distance will help you bombard the idiot with each grenade in your pockets after which swap to a kinetic weapon (assault rifles, and many others.) to tear by way of his well being. In case you can land a sticky grenade, I applaud you and for those who get by way of this with out crying about by chance putting in it to an HDD in your PC as a substitute of the NVMe or SSD, because the load occasions improve, you’re greater than a champion. 

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