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Misplaced Ark Tarsila Location, Loot & Techniques

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Hi there, adventurers, fancy taking up a large chilly spider in Shushire? Properly, you’re in luck, this frosty arachnid comes alive at sure occasion spawn occasions. You may kick this wannabe Ahn’Kahet spider straight again to Northrend, all within the title of getting some tasty loot from Misplaced Ark’s Tarsila boss when she is round. On this information, look forward to finding the Tarsila location, loot desk, and the ways you have to know so you’ll be able to keep away from losing these juicy Phoneix Plumes.

Misplaced Ark Tarsila location and spawn time

Lost Ark Tarsila location
The Yellow mark marks the spot of Tarsila’s spawn location.

Like all different Misplaced Ark finish recreation group occasions, Tarsila is on a spawn timer. Tarsila’s spawn time solely is dependent upon the scheduling on the day-to-day in your server area. She could spawn at 2 am server time, or change into energetic at 9 pm server time prepared for peak hours players. 

One of the best ways to verify when Tarsila is up is to open the calendar within the prime left of the UI, presuming you’re stage 50 anyway. Then you’ll be able to click on on a day extra acceptable for you, head over to the Area Boss tab and press the drop-down menu. There you’ll be able to see when the boss spawns on that day. Alternatively, if you realize the place the Misplaced Ark Tarsila location is already, you’ll be able to go to the world and see a countdown on precisely the place she spawns. 

For these curious, you’ll find the precise Misplaced Ark Tarsila location within the picture above, marked by the orange pin. Be aware she spawns within the Spider Queen’s Lair, which is within the Lake Eternity area of Shushire. Additionally, when she spawns, you want 380 ilvl, in any other case non of your assaults register. It means you can not get loot as you technically have no-kill credit score.

Misplaced Ark Tarsila Loot

Lost Ark World boss bid
You might have to bid on some loot.

You’re going to need to kill Tarsilla, for chances are high grabbing your self some additional T1 gear. Whereas Abyssal Dungeons drops your tier set, you’re going to want to farm a wide range of finish recreation content material to get your jewelry items. T1 World Bosses like Tarsilla, the Chaotic Chuo, and Signatus are good sources of drugs. 

You may also get honing items of drugs to assist your development, together with engraving books that may assist make your character stronger by offering extra passives. Oh, Tarsila additionally drops a Large’s Coronary heart, a sideways development system that grants additional advantages kile added talent factors, everlasting stat will increase, and extra.

Merchandise title Stats and outline Random Engravings and fight bonuses
Tarsilla Large Coronary heart (4th) A Large’s Coronary heart, one of many collectables within the recreation.
Forbidden Elemental Earrings 273 main stat and 174 Vitality. One fight and two engraving results.
Forbidden Elemental Ring 253 main stat and 139 Vitality. One fight enchants and two engravings.
Forbidden Magick Earrings 273 main stat and 174 Vitality One fight and two engravings.
Forbidden Magick Necklace 351 main stat (your class), 243 Vitality Two random fight and engraving bonuses.
Forbidden Magick Ring 253 main stat and 139 Vitality. One fight enchants and two engravings.
Battle Engraving Recipe (Uncommon) Acquire a uncommon battle engraving.
Battle Engraving Recipe (unusual) Acquire an unusual battle engraving
Bleed Provides a bleed impact to your talent – has an opportunity to inflict bleed on the enemy for 4 seconds.
Destruction Stone Fragment A fraction gamers use to improve for honing armor.
Epic Capacity Stone Acquire an epic skill stone that matches your character’s merchandise stage.
Guardian Stone Fragment Honing armor fragment.
Star’s Breath Improve the Honing success likelihood on T1 gear.
Tarsila Uncommon collectable card.
XP Card Acquire a Legendary XP card which you could ship to any character in your server’s roster.

Misplaced Ark Tarsila Techniques

Now onto truly defeating this boss. There may be nothing too tough about Tarsila, aside from the actual fact she has a couple of directional, AOE and the same old don’t stand within the dangerous stuff mechanics. Under is an inventory of the Tarsila ways you want to pay attention to.

  1. Strikes instantly in entrance of her along with her claws. Her animation postures backwards a bit, so attempt to keep away from being on the entrance of her when this occurs.
  2. She slams her physique into the bottom.  A crimson circle seems underneath her mannequin, giving gamers the possibility to flee the crushing blow.
  3. She fees within the path of a random participant. Keep away from her cost path with the same old cost mechanic indicators.
  4. Tarsila strikes backwards and fees an assault. She then advances ahead and slams her claws into the bottom, sending a darkish projectile ahead. Keep away from standing in entrance of her or dealing with her when she does this because the projectile hits very laborious and could be very fast-moving.
  5. Falling Rocks – Rocks fall from the cave roof of the Spider Queen’s Lair. Keep away from the crimson circles all through the cave to keep away from pointless boulders touchdown in your head.
  6. Pounce – She chooses an space to pounce at, so don’t stand within the giant crimson circle. In any other case, she is going to pounce on you and sure kill you.
  7. Cone breath – She fires icy breath in a cone at a distant participant. The power ticks a number of occasions and freezes gamers caught in ice. Dodge it the primary time in any other case you’ll possible die except some hero Paladin, Bard, or Gunlancer heal or protect you.
  8. Icy fog – At decrease HP Tarsila can depart behind patches of icy fog that briefly freeze gamers and deal average injury every second. These usually spawn throughout her cost and pounce expertise.

That is the abstract of every part you have to know concerning the Misplaced Ark Tarsila boss. Why not try our Lost Ark Hub for extra content material in case you discovered this Misplaced Ark Tarsila information useful?

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