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Within the Shadowrun Trilogy, you play a Runner, making a dwelling within the shadows of the Sixth World, taking over kind of any job that pays.

Your runner begins off already embroiled on this way of life, and solely turns into extra competent over time. However a runner isn’t solely judged by how effectively they’ll stroll the stroll. Speaking the discuss is available in helpful too.

Having the ability to lower by means of the chaos and enchantment to a personality’s private historical past is sort of at all times going to result in a constructive final result. And that’s the place Etiquettes are available. 

Shadowrun Trilogy: What are Etiquettes? 

Etiquettes operate equally to backgrounds in different RPGs. Whereas the Shadowrun Trilogy largely leaves the main points of your runner’s previous to your creativeness – with Shadowrun Hong Kong being the notable exception – Etiquettes serve the same mechanical operate, with out the related story baggage.

Unlocking particular Etiquettes in your character gives bonus dialogue decisions when interacting with teams and people related to these Etiquettes. Even when your character didn’t essentially belong to a bunch related to an Etiquette previously, they know the way to behave and lie convincingly sufficient to be mistaken for a member of that group. 

Shadowrun Trilogy Etiquettes and Their Makes use of 

Shadowrun Trilogy Etiquettes use Etiquette: Street

The Shadowrun Trilogy gives a number of attainable Etiquettes at character creation, with extra unlocked as you make investments extra factors the Charisma stat. Under, you’ll discover a listing of the Etiquettes obtainable within the Shadowrun Trilogy, in addition to the related teams most amenable to you should you’ve unlocked them.


The Educational Etiquette is possibly essentially the most stunning for a down-on-their-luck runner. But it surely’s additionally among the many most respected. Talking Educational means that you can impress the extra educated characters you come throughout within the trilogy.

It’s extra typically used for info gathering than for speaking your means out of fight. It additionally means that you can negotiate higher costs at fences in sure eventualities, because the Educational Etiquette means that you can higher perceive the worth of what you’re haggling over. 


The Company Etiquette is similar to Educational. Its major makes use of are buying extra Nuyen, impressing high-status characters, and sometimes skipping previous fight encounters. As behaving like a Corpo is unlikely to endear you to many Runners, this Etiquette largely comes up when negotiating funds. 


In your work as a Runner, you’ll ceaselessly come into contact with Lone Star and different police organizations. The Safety Etiquette means that you can easy over tensions between these teams and ‘unbiased contractors’ comparable to your self.

From speaking your means into crime scenes to easily negotiating bribes, the Safety etiquette makes coping with the Sixth World’s regulation enforcement a lot much less of a problem. 


Gangs are a relentless presence in a Runner’s work. Having the Gang Etiquette means means that you can defuse plenty of conditions that may in any other case flip violent. It means that you can discuss down gang members that may not take kindly to your presence, or use a gang’s popularity to intimidate your means by means of encounters with non-members. 


The Socialite Etiquette allows you to move as a high-class easy talker. This selection will increase your Nuyen pay-out from sure sources, however can even be helpful when coping with purchasers and rivals outdoors of street-level runs. Socialite have a tendency to return up lower than another Etiquettes, however it’s helpful the place it counts. 


The Shadowrunner Etiquette allows you to come throughout as knowledgeable runner, no matter how effectively you may really be doing. Knocking different runners down a peg, easily negotiating a take care of purchasers, or conserving steely-nerved in harmful conditions, having the Shadowrunner Etiquette is sort of at all times a boon in your line of labor. 

That wraps up our information to Etiquettes within the Shadowrun Trilogy. Now you’ve acquired all it’s essential flip your runner right into a silver-tongued charmer.

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