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Testing the ILM Washer Mod for LGA 1700 Socket PCs, Does It Enhance Cooling?

What’s the LGA 1700 washer mod?

So that you is perhaps questioning, what’s the ILM Washer mod? It was uncovered by Igors Lab that the LGA 1700 socket’s clamping pressure leads to the processor warping. This then leads to suboptimal chilly plate contact and negatively affected cooling potential with the CPU.

The answer to this extreme stress is to put 1mm non-conductive washers beneath the mounting mechanism to cut back the stress, thus ensuing within the CPU remaining flat.

Testing methodology:

The identical Intel Core i9 12900k processor was used all through AVADirect’s testing. Because it was famous in Igors article that he had a processor completely bent, so particular consideration was made to make sure that this processor was the truth is nonetheless straight after every removing from the socket. All testing was carried out with the room temperature at 20.5C utilizing my open loop using a 360x45mm radiator in push-pull. Inventory bios settings have been used on every board to signify commonplace utilization, voltages and frequency have been monitored to insure consistency. Three runs with and with out washers have been made, and the common was taken.

ILM Washer Mod LGA 1700 Socket Outcomes


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Asus F Strix Gaming




Asus P-D4





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Spacer AVG




Asus Prime Prada 5




Gigabyte Auros Professional




MSI A Professional




Observe: Every motherboard stories temperature in a different way, so the outcomes ought to solely be in contrast for a similar motherboard and never with one another.

Proper off the bat, you’ll discover there was a notable distinction between boards that used the Foxcon socket vs. boards that use the Lotes socket. Producers are likely to supply a majority of their motherboard components from both of those two factories. On this Era Asus appears to be sourcing sockets from just a little of each whereas all different manufacturers are utilizing principally Lotes.

AVADirect Customized Pc’s testing has proven that whereas in lots of situations the washer mod may have a optimistic impact on cooling, it’s not as minimize and dry as a number of the articles floating round indicating 5C enhancements. Whereas this did certainly maintain true on the MSI A Professional motherboard that was examined, it’s considerably much less for different fashions on this take a look at, and it might appear Foxcon sockets may even be at a detriment from this modification in some circumstances. 

Ordering a Customized PC with ILM Washer Mod for LGA 1700

Inquisitive about having this mod utilized to your Intel powered customized PC? So long as your customized laptop’s motherboard options the LGA 1700 socket, this ought to be a potential modification. Speak to a member of our gross sales workforce to have ILM Washers utilized to your LGA 1700 Socket Customized Pc.

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