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That is how a Naughty Canine designer would design a velociraptor NPC buddy

On GDC Podcast episode 27 we welcome Bryan Collinsworth, recreation designer at The Final of Us Half II developer Naughty Canine, who joined us to speak about his philosophies on recreation design, and the way he helped convey excellent performances to NPC allies in TLOUII.

On this episode spotlight, with the assistance of our reside GDC 2021 digital viewers, we requested how he would go about designing a velociraptor NPC companion (erm, a non-player…dinosaur?). What we acquired was an insightful reply.

Music by Mike Meehan.

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Bryan designs an NPC dino-companion on the spot

“I might positively return and watch Jurassic Park and all of the Jurassic Park prolonged universe, and have a look at some visuals. We do all that form of stuff quite a bit to tug tone and expertise and every part else we wish the participant to really feel. After which take into consideration little vignettes which may really would possibly play out within the recreation, like when the participant is shifting by way of the world with this velociraptor–what goes to be their expertise of that? What’s it going to be like shifting by way of the world with this velociraptor? What will be their expertise of that?“I feel we have already acquired distinctive and memorable nailed down there (laughs). However how do you actually promote that? Suppose by way of what’s distinctive a couple of velociraptor character. First, what is predicted? They’re sensible, vicious, rendered as bigger than they have been in actual life, all these sorts of features. How do you flip a few of these expectations on their heads, or use them in a manner that is advantageous as an NPC? Can you’ve the velociraptor open doorways for you, or resolve puzzles with you? Are there issues about its nature or habits, [like] if it sees a squirrel run by it should wish to chase it and eat it? Which is one thing you do not essentially should take care of with a human NPC.

“After which there are all of the house design concerns too, in order that’s the purpose at which we would put collectively a small take a look at stage within the recreation, get some preliminary movement seize of a velociraptor which might in all probability be people in some types of fits. [Then] convey these movement captures into the little stage and begin determining what sort of geometry what sort of areas really work for a creature that has this massive ol’ tail, has these big claws, can bounce round, is possibly a bit bit taller than a human. In what areas work effectively for you and a velociraptor to discover collectively? And construct a bit playground to check these locations out.”

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