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The Shapeshifter is an upcoming (and terrifying) addition to Amongst Us

Innersloth has revealed a terrifying new trick that Impostors can have up their sleeve within the subsequent Amongst Us replace. The Shapeshifter is a brand new function that Impostors can have; the remainder of the brand new Amongst Us roles will all be for the Crewmate facet. And with a Shapeshifter becoming a member of the ranks, Crewmates will certainly have their arms full.

The Shapeshifter can effectively, shapeshift, by pulling up a menu of all dwelling Crewmates within the recreation. The Shapeshifter can assume their look, together with their shade, cosmetics, and identify. This solely lasts for a quick time frame, and it takes a second to shapeshift, so it’s important to play issues rigorously or everybody will see you attempting to put on a buddy’s face. Shapeshifting additionally leaves proof behind, so keen-eyed detectives can spot the deception happening.

That is, after all, a spectacular method to gaslight your folks and sow chaos in a foyer. You may body Crewmates, disguise your self after committing a hideous crime, and in any other case confuse the great guys earlier than they will root the Impostors out. Crewmates are going to wish to control their pals, and assume very rigorously about whether or not the bean they’re approaching is a trusted ally or lethal chameleon.

Gamers will have the ability to replace their customized choices to regulate many issues in regards to the Shapeshifter. Innersloth shared extra particulars within the developer’s weblog:

Likelihood: Within the recreation foyer settings, you’ll have the ability to change the quantity and probability of an Impostor to have the Shapeshift skill. You may flip off the prospect of getting the Shapeshift function utterly.

e.g. 2 Shapeshifters, with a 30% probability of a Shapeshifter function showing

Shapeshift Length: How lengthy an Impostor stays shifted after they modify.

Depart Shapeshifting Proof: Whether or not or not there’s bodily proof of a shapeshift being left in a room after the Impostor morphs.

Builders at Innersloth are planning an upcoming occasion the place they are going to share extra in regards to the present state of Amongst Us and the subsequent replace, which doesn’t but have a launch date. We’ll doubtless get a take a look at the brand new roles for Crewmates, which can assist them battle off these sneaky Impostors.

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