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The Witch Queen Exotics Revealed, Look Bonkers

Sizzling off the surprising information of its acquisition by Sony, Bungie revealed what new Unique gear gamers will quickly be getting their fingers on in Future 2’s The Witch Queen, when launches later this month. TL;DR: the brand new weapons and armor appear to be a few of the loot shooter’s coolest but.

Whereas extraordinarily transient, the February 22 growth’s newest trailer teases a bit extra about how weapon crafting will work. Although we nonetheless don’t have the complete image, it looks like it should happen in some type of social area on Mars, and allow you to select which perks and masterwork add-on to use to the weapon you wish to make.

Whether or not crafted weapons will be capable to simply swap perks or have them locked in stays to be seen, however taking the luck ingredient of random weapon drops out of the equation nonetheless looks like the very best factor to occur to Future 2’s financial system in a protracted, very long time. Hopefully the monkey’s paw doesn’t curl round that enthusiasm and choke it with some extraordinarily deflating useful resource grind.

So far as newly revealed Unique gear goes, there are three new weapons, three class-specific melee weapons, and three class-specific armor items:

  • Grand Overture: “Slug launcher” with charged photographs appears to be like prefer it may be a machine gun that fires missiles
  • Parasite: Grenade launcher that fires Hive worms which explode in a cloud of poisonous goo
  • Osteo Striga: Submachine gun that fires “swarming projecties” that do “poisonous burst” injury
  • Fringe of Motion: a Titan glaive that may place allies in a protecting bubble
  • Fringe of Intent: Warlock glaive that summons a therapeutic turret
  • Fringe of Concurrence: Hunter glaive that fires chain lightning
  • Hoarfrost-Z: Titan chest armor that permits you to summon a Stasis barrier
  • Osimancy: Warlock gloves that present an additional Coldsnap grenade
  • Blight Ranger: Hunter helmet that makes mirrored projectiles do extra injury

Of all of those, Grand Overture (a season move unique) stays by far probably the most mysterious, because it’s a brand new weapon archetype and Bungie’s description of “charged full-auto missile” appears like a paradox. Osteo Striga will most likely be probably the most versatile, particularly if its poisonous injury can unfold between mobs of enemies upon dying. Of all of the glaives, chain lightning sounds probably the most enjoyable, although the Titan and Warlock’s help perks will clearly be big in end-game actions. The Unique armor all appears to be like good too, although the Hunter’s Blight Ranger helmet appears like will probably be a fairly area of interest software.

Total, every new Unique doubles-down on Future 2’s ongoing MMORPG-ification. It’s a gradual shift that’s been occurring for years now, however is kicking into overdrive with The Witch Queen. Weapon crafting is clearly a giant a part of that, however so are extra clearly outlined gear loadouts based mostly round roles like help, tank, DPS, and others. Overhauling the cooldown system for skills and remodeling total subclasses to be extra customizable is clearly one other big step in the identical path. And naturally, builders like Future recreation director Joe Blackburn have been overtly calling it an MMO for someday now.

Now if solely new content material would cease disappearing from the sport yearly.

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