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Tips on how to beat Sierra in Pokemon Go

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Sierra is likely one of the three workforce rocket leaders you may go up in opposition to when you’ve bought sufficient Mysterious Elements to make a Rocket Radar. It’s good to use your Rocket Radars when going up in opposition to this workforce chief, as a price. However as a reward for beating the Crew Chief you get stardust, gadgets and also you’ll additionally get particular eggs that may hatch unique Pokemon.

As for which Crew Chief you’ll go up in opposition to, they’re just about random. In case you don’t like one and would quite go up in opposition to one other, you may both wait or you may go to a distinct PokeStop. Every chief has a distinct workforce, however their workforce is at all times the identical. So so long as you realize which Chief you’re in opposition to, you may know what sort match-up you want.

Sierra’s Crew Counters in Pokemon GO

Sierra will solely have a workforce of those Pokemon. As for which you’ll encounter throughout your battle, that may differ from encounter to come across. However if you happen to’re knocked out from the primary battle, don’t fear, if you happen to re-try it’ll stay the identical workforce. So you may put together accordingly.

First Pokemon Second Pokemon Third Pokemon
Beedrill Houndoom
Nidoran Vileplume Marowak
Slowbro Nidoqueen

Nidoran Counters

Relating to Sierra’s first Nidoran. It’s fairly simple, you’ll need to go up in opposition to it with both a Floor or Psychic sort. sturdy one among these can in a short time shred by way of Nidoran.

Beedrill, Vileplume or Slowbro Counters

The second is up and it may very well be any of those three. In every case, every could have a distinct weak point. Beneath are every of the categories you’ll need to use in opposition to them.

Beedrill: Fireplace, Flying, Psychic and Rock.

Vileplume: Rock, Floor, Fireplace, Ice or Psychic.

Slowbro: Bug, Darkish, Electrical, Grass and Ghost.

Houndoom, Marowak or Nidoqueen Counters

The third wave could have you see your self in opposition to one among these three. Listed here are their particular person weaknesses:

Houndoom: Preventing, Floor, Rock and Water.

Marowak: Water, Grass and Ice.

Nidoqueen: Psychic, Floor, Water and Ice.

In order you may see, your greatest guess for Sierra’s third Pokemon is an effective water sort, trigger irrespective of which Pokemon she has, you’ll be set.

Principally, you solely should be cautious of Sierra’s second Pokemon, however if you happen to begin with Floor or Psychic sort, then end with a water sort, you’ll sail by way of it.

Tip: Don’t waste your limitations on Nidoran, it’s not the heaviest hitter and you’ll normally tank its assaults. However, it’s greatest you save your shields for the more durable and heavier hitters.

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