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Transmetals is one other contender for worst N64 sport

Car Mode! Beast Mode! Car Mode! Beast Mode! Car Mode!

The one factor I find out about Transformers is that it’s a sequence of half-hour commercials which can be sometimes interrupted by extra commercials. It’s not that I wasn’t the proper age for the toys, it’s simply that I didn’t actually know anybody rising up that was into them. Each time I’d catch an episode on TV it simply confused the hell out of me. And this continued till the Beast Wars spinoff occurred within the ‘90s and regarded like early 3D animated crap. I nonetheless couldn’t make sense of the plot.

These days, each time I have a look at a synopsis, my eyes go blurry, I cross out, and I get up bare in one other metropolis with extra questions than solutions.

The one cause I performed 2000’s eloquently named Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals is as a result of I’ve a morbid fascination with the Blockbuster unique rental titles of the N64. This one didn’t keep a rental, which I don’t perceive, as a result of one weekend is all it takes to be twisted by the eldritch horrors contained inside.

Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals Spider Web

As I stated, I haven’t the slightest clue what Beast Wars is all about. It apparently takes place in the way forward for the unique Transformers sequence and in addition possibly on one other planet? It depicts the Maximals and the Predacons preventing a struggle for some cause. They’re additionally apparently descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons, and I’m positive somebody on the market can clarify to me the way it’s doable for robots to have lineage, however what? I believe I’m happier not understanding.

From what I bear in mind concerning the present, it concerned these robots battling on a world that was largely filth. Each picture that has caught in my head takes place in a valley of gray rock. So, it’s good that Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals (sure, I’m going to spell that out each time) manages to seize that spirit, as each enviornment is simply ugly and featureless.

Greater than that, the degrees are infinite and flat. They’re all barely totally different colours, and have various things within the background. The backdrops are distinctive as a result of they characteristic probably the most nauseating parallax scrolling I’ve seen in a very long time. None of it actually syncs up, so observing them for any time period is disorienting.

Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals Starscream?

Backing up for a second, Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals is a one-on-one preventing sport. That doesn’t do sufficient to explain it, nevertheless, so attempt to think about probably the most minimal effort preventing sport. It’s a sport that may hardly be described as such.

Whereas the style usually brings to thoughts grabs, projectiles, and air assaults, it’s worthwhile to dial again your expectations. Even once I add “it’s on a 3D airplane” it’s worthwhile to expunge ideas of Virtua Fighter or Soul Edge out of your thoughts. If even Xena: Warrior Princess: The Talisman of Destiny got here to thoughts, you’re nonetheless not deep sufficient into the dank pits of despair. Did you play Ballz 3D? I’m sorry for those who did, but it surely’s truthfully the closest abomination I can place subsequent to Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals, and even then, I believe we’re being too charitable.

Image a preventing sport the place the event employees determined to not do the naked minimal. Grappling? Too troublesome. Particular strikes? Too exhausting to program. Punching? With this funds? No, you’re given a collection of projectile assaults to lob at your opponent. They largely house in, as a result of there’s no focusing on system. It has much less technique than that outdated card sport, Conflict.

Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals You Win

Oh, however wait! It’s a Transformers sport, so the fighters should remodel, proper? They do! I’m simply as shocked as you’re.

Nonetheless, for those who’re anticipating this to offer any form of depth to the sport, you clearly haven’t been listening thus far. Every transformation — Robotic Mode, Beast Mode, and Car Mode — simply supplies a unique set of projectiles to lob at your opponent. Some are higher than others, and by “higher” I imply simpler to spam.

The AI is one thing particular. I’d say it appears just like the opponents are simply button-mashing, however that’s not going far sufficient. They’re struggling in anguish to determine the controls to the sport they’re trapped in. Each assault appears random, as they constantly change forwards and backwards between the sport’s three modes. It’s like being trapped in an elevator with somebody making an attempt to determine a fatality code in Mortal Kombat by luck. I’m afraid to depart the cartridge plugged into my N64 at evening for worry that my house will probably be stuffed by the tortured screams of the AI making an attempt to flee their silicon jail.


So the perfect method you’ll be able to develop right here is to simply confuse the AI, which isn’t troublesome. I acquired lots of mileage from operating circles round them, firing homing photographs. They attempt to return hearth, however they’re often unable to as a result of they don’t know what the buttons do. Generally they’ll simply begin flipping out, loudly saying “automobile mode, beast mode, automobile mode, beast mode,” like they’ve simply began pounding their controller towards the ground in frustration.

Even for those who put one other participant behind the controller — which I didn’t as a result of I’m far too merciful — you’ve nonetheless acquired a sport the place talent isn’t a requirement. Discover your bot’s greatest projectile and begin lobbing. If the opposite participant figures on the market’s a block button (solely accessible in robotic mode), change modes and take a look at one other button.

Another Spider Fight

There are a number of “bonuses” as nicely. There’s this bizarre gunfight mini-game, one the place you simply mash buttons to flee explosions, and a regular struggle, however everyone seems to be squished. All I can say about these is that I suppose they’re higher than nothing, however solely marginally.

There are eight characters to select from, plus a further 4 which can be at the least simple to recollect the code for. For those who handle to beat the sport with out dropping a match, you may also struggle towards Megatron X. He has two well being bars, which appears low cost, however his mind works about as poorly as everybody else’s.

Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals is simply such an amazingly lazy product. I discovered myself laughing when the credit rolled and never a single member of the inventive staff is listed. Nobody even wished to take accountability for the sport’s artwork. The manufacturing employees and the localization staff are listed, and that’s it. This could be the primary time I’ve really seen this occur. Quite a lot of Japanese builders had been pressured into utilizing pseudonyms in credit in order that they couldn’t be poached by different corporations, however that is the primary time I’ve seen it the place the individuals who labored on the sport didn’t wish to be related.

There was additionally a PS1 model of Transformers: Beast Wars: Transmetals, and it was utterly totally different. It’s not an incredible sport both, but it surely really acts like a coherent product. The N64 model is totally bewildering. It doesn’t even really feel like a prototype, it feels extra like somebody didn’t wish to pay for a studio to develop for them, so they simply handed the venture over to their nephew.

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