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Yearly, new meals traits emerge, and contemporary kitchen elements seize our curiosity. Including completely different oils to salts, many people modify their diets and habits to be as wholesome as doable and eradicate something dangerous to their well being. Can we, nonetheless, proceed to belief the brand new introductions? One instance of the continued disagreement over the precise well being advantages of those meals is pink salt, typically referred to as ‘Himalayan salt.’ A pinch of salt might elevate or spoil a dish. With out this very important part, our meals could be bland and tasteless.

Himalayan Pink Salt has turn into extra in style in recent times. It has distinctive color. Additionally, it’s available in grocery and speciality meals shops. With time, we’ve seen many kitchen cabinets adorned with bottles stuffed with pretty pink crystals, however does this present us with what we’re in search of? Let’s take a look.

What’s Himalayan Pink Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt is a pink-coloured salt collected from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan’s distant Punjab province, south of Islamabad, close to the Himalayas. The Khewra Salt Mine is without doubt one of the world’s largest and oldest salt mines. The pinkish-coloured rock salt obtains its color from the impurities within the salt. For the reason that 1200s, Himalayan Pink Salt has been mined and historically used for culinary preparation and preservation.

The salt comprises as much as 98 per cent sodium chloride, making it chemically equivalent to desk salt. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium are additionally plentiful in Pink Salt. Whereas many individuals use Himalayan salt as an alternative of desk salt, some researchers have found that it lacks iodine, probably the most essential elements in any salt.

The Function of Salt in Our Physique

The chemical title for salt is sodium chloride (NaCl). It has a sodium content material of 40% and a chloride content material of 60% by weight. 

Sodium is crucial for good well being because it aids in:

  • Muscle tissue contraction,
  • Sustaining the physique’s fluid equilibrium, cell construction, and form
  • Sending nerve impulses between nerves in addition to between nerves and muscle tissue
  • Stopping low blood strain by engaged on the kidneys, adrenal glands, and particular receptors on the tongue, throat, and mind.

Chloride is important due to the next causes:

  • First, it helps within the equilibrium of fluid inside and outdoors cells.
  • Second, it helps within the upkeep of regular blood quantity.
  • Third, it aids in retaining the blood strain in examine.
  • Fourth, it helps keep the pH of the physique’s fluids. 

Based on latest research, salt consumption can minimise the chance of an infection and act as an antimicrobial defence.

Dietary Info 

As per USDA, the dietary composition of 100 grams of Himalayan Pink Salt is: 

  • Vitality: 0 kcal
  • Complete lipid(fats): 0g
  • Carbohydrate: 0g
  • Sodium (Na): 3800 mg

Himalayan Pink Salt: Makes use of

We are able to generally use Himalayan Pink Salt as a flavouring, an ingredient, or perhaps a cooking instrument. The frequent makes use of are:

Dietary Makes use of

Common Cooking

We are able to season meat with Himalayan Salt as a result of it sticks properly to the floor and spreads evenly. Common cooking can be utilized for on a regular basis cooking or as a ending salt. It affords a burst of saltiness to the palate. Cooking may also the candy and savoury, and you should utilize a pinch of it in desserts. As well as, It may be put in sauces and marinades or added to meals on the dinner desk.

Consideration for Cooking: When measuring salt by quantity, it’s very important to think about how finely the salt is floor. To equal the saltiness of finely floor salt, you may want so as to add extra coarse salt. This alteration is as a result of finely floor salt is nearer to coarse salt, leading to extra salt in a given quantity.

For instance, one teaspoon of finely powdered salt might have roughly 2,300 mg of sodium, and one teaspoon of coarse salt might comprise lower than 2,000 mg of sodium, relying on crystal dimension.

Salt Blocks

A number of meals could be ready and served with Himalayan Salt blocks. They’re nice for baking or grilling meats, poultry, eggs, fish, seafood, contemporary fruit, and greens as a result of they conduct warmth effectively and at excessive temperatures. Cookies, scones, pizzas, and different baked objects are all made utilizing them. It may be chilled to serve chilly dishes and desserts, making them versatile. Sushi, cheeses, meat, fruit, custard, ice cream, and sorbet, for instance, can all be served with cooled salt blocks. The slabs will impart an enhanced salt style and mineral content material. Since it’s naturally antimicrobial, cleansing up requires a fast scrub or rinse.

Non-Dietary Makes use of

Tub Soak

Soaking the physique in a Himalayan brine tub can do wonders to rejuvenate the pores and skin. The pores and skin soaks up all of the minerals that present completely different advantages by means of dermal absorption. As an illustration, chromium fights zits, zinc prevents scarring, and sulphur retains the pores and skin easy. As well as, the magnesium in Himalayan Salt can help in relieving muscle and tender tissue cramps. Combine it with barely heat water to really feel refreshed and energised.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

The magnificent Himalayan Salt lamps deliver magnificence to 1’s dwelling and function (much-needed) air purifiers. These lamps consist of enormous salt blocks with an inside mild supply that heats the salt. These lights draw moisture from the air, and the water evaporates shortly as a result of floor’s heat. Evaporation produces unfavourable ions, which react with and neutralise pollen, mud, dust, pollution, and allergens which have a optimistic cost. 

Enough Consumption

Himalayan Pink Salt is chemically just like desk salt. Therefore, the really helpful quantity for consumption per day would be the identical. The World Well being Organisation (WHO) recommends consuming not more than 5 grams (2 grams of sodium) of salt per individual per day.

Well being Advantages of Himalayan Pink Salt

Enhance Respiratory Illnesses

Salt remedy is a course of that utilises pure Himalayan salt to deal with respiratory ailments. In some circumstances, individuals use a salt inhaler, whereas in others, the person has to sit down in a room stuffed with salt-rich air. When one inhales this salt-installed air, the particles journey by means of the complete respiratory system and the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of salt clear lungs and sinuses. Salt remedy may also assist with seasonal allergy symptoms and chest congestion. One may even use a neti pot with the assistance of which heat salty water runs by means of the nasal cavities and cleans them. It reduces germs and binds to pollution, serving to in elimination.

Balances Physique pH Ranges

Himalayan sea salt’s wealthy mineral content material may also help steadiness the physique’s pH ranges. When your pH has a wholesome acid-to-alkaline ratio, it should considerably have an effect on your general well being. As well as, a correct pH helps foster immunity and ensures good digestion. Since Himalayan sea salt comprises sodium and different electrolytes, it instantly impacts blood pH.

Pure Digestive Support

You should utilize Himalayan salt to make sole, a saturated answer containing purified water and Himalayan salt. To arrange, fill a jug with 1/4th Himalayan salt and add water as much as the brim. Cowl the jug with a lid and permit the answer to sit down in a single day. The salt will dissolve within the water by morning, and if there may be any salt left on the backside of the jar, it means the water has been boiled, wholly absorbed all of the salt, and is absolutely saturated. Combine one teaspoon of this sole water in a daily glass of water and devour it each morning to see the outcomes.

Improves Sleep High quality 

Himalayan sea salt is claimed to assist encourage higher, extra restful sleep resulting from its excessive mineral content material. It might be exhausting to imagine, however consuming sufficient salt in a single’s routine weight loss program is vital to an excellent evening’s relaxation since it’s a pure sleep help. Since 1989, sleep disturbances and irregularities have confirmed to have hyperlinks to low-sodium diets. The analysis was small, however the findings have been fascinating. Topics on low-sodium diets (round 500 milligrams a day) awoke nearly twice as usually through the evening and obtained about 10% much less sleep than these on a low-fat weight loss program (2,000 milligrams of sodium a day). Conversely, a high-sodium weight loss program (5,000 milligrams per day, which is usually not really helpful) resulted in considerably longer sleep and fewer midnight wakings than a typical weight loss program.

Regulates Blood Sugar 

One of many important benchmarks of physique well being is the blood sugar degree. Having too low or too excessive a blood sugar degree has its corresponding disadvantages, and if the issue turns into excessive, it may be very exhausting on one’s physique. In spite of everything, diabetes is a illness brought on by persistently elevated blood sugar ranges. Individuals who have already got diabetes, alternatively, will profit from a excessive Himalayan salt consumption. This distinction is as a result of Himalayan salt comprises 84 minerals, 4 of which assist in sustaining a wholesome degree of blood sugar; they’re:

  • Chromium: The first perform of chromium is to transform carbohydrates into glucose. It aids in insulin management and synthesis. Insulin wouldn’t accurately perform if chromium was not current within the physique.
  • Vanadium: Vanadyl sulphate, a salt of the mineral vanadium (vanadium oxysulfate), has demonstrated insulin-like results on glucose metabolism in animal and human trials. Sufferers with each insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and non-insulin-dependent diabetes confirmed a substantial discount in insulin necessities in medical checks.
  • Manganese: Medical doctors have used manganese to deal with diabetes and hypoglycemia by retaining blood glucose ranges common.
  • Magnesium: Sugar, carbohydrates, and fat digest extra effectively, and blood sugar ranges are steady.

Potential Aspect Results of Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt is required day by day to be alive and properly, however overdosing on salt can have extreme penalties. Himalayan Pink Salt’s unintended effects apply to all salts, even atypical desk salt.

Oedema or Fluid Retention

Oedema is a visual swelling brought on by fluid accumulation in physique tissues. Extra salt causes the physique to retain water, which seeps into the interstitial tissue areas and ends in oedema. Sodium binds to water within the physique and helps keep the fluid’s steadiness inside and outdoors cells. Due to this fact, the physique might retain the water when consuming extremely salty meals. A number of analysis papers present that elevated sodium consumption results in elevated fluid retention contained in the physique, resulting in oedema. 

Decreased Bone Mineral Density (resulting from potassium deficiency) 

Potassium has the potential to neutralise acid load and stop calcium loss from the bone, leading to a lift in bone mineral density. When sodium ranges go up, potassium ranges go down because the kidneys reply to extra sodium by flushing it out within the urine. Sadly, this additionally removes potassium.

Elevated Blood Stress

The physique removes undesirable fluid by filtering blood by means of the kidneys. Extra fluids are pulled out, saved within the bladder, and ultimately excreted as urine. The kidneys use osmosis to attract the additional water out of the blood. A cautious steadiness of sodium and potassium is crucial. Research counsel that consuming salt raises the quantity of sodium within the bloodstream and wrecks the fragile steadiness, lowering the kidney’s skill to take away water. On account of the surplus fluid and pressure on the delicate blood arteries going to the kidneys, blood strain rises.

Worst Case Situation 

Extra sodium consumption, significantly sodium chloride, has a number of unfavourable penalties. The most important considerations revolve round electrolyte imbalance, the ions current in bodily fluids that preserve the physique hydrated and guarantee correct bodily capabilities like nerve impulses and heartbeat. 

Consuming an excessive amount of sodium could cause potassium ranges to lower and vice versa. In consequence, many individuals lack potassium resulting from extreme sodium consumption. Dehydration, cramping, and elevated blood strain can all end result from this. As well as, it will possibly result in hypernatremia (excessive sodium ranges) and hypokalemia (low potassium ranges). These are life-threateningly low potassium ranges. Nausea, constipation, muscle spasms, weak spot, irregular coronary heart rhythms, exhaustion, and, within the worst instances, muscle disintegration and paralysis are all prevalent signs.


Himalayan Pink Salt is a rock salt from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan. It comprises 98% sodium chloride, and a pair of% of it includes 84 hint minerals. It’s hand-mined and unrefined. Whereas there isn’t vital proof to counsel that Himalayan Pink Salt has extra well being advantages than common desk salt, it’s useful to people’ general well being and well-being. It doesn’t comprise any components or dangerous synthetic elements, making it a pure different. Nevertheless, common salt is a main dietary supply of iodine — one factor that Himalayan salt lacks.

Based on the Nationwide Institute of Well being, one wants iodine for thyroid hormones and metabolism to perform. Due to this fact, it’s possible you’ll add different sources of iodine like fish, dairy merchandise, or dietary dietary supplements to swap common Salt for Pink Salt. So consultants advise that one can use a mix of standard salt and Himalayan pink salt within the day by day routine to get most of it.

Steadily Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does Himalayan Pink Salt assist you to shed extra pounds?

A. Osmosis is a widely known course of that helps retain water contained in the physique’s cells with a excessive salt focus. Extra water makes the physique seem bloated and overweight; it’s additionally a typical reason for oedema. Himalayan Salt crystals take away this extra water from the cells. It additionally reduces the physique’s need for heavy meals in sugar and carbohydrates. 

Q. Is Himalayan Pink Salt good for you?

A. We discover a number of minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt however not in desk salt. Alternatively, we discover these minerals in comparatively small quantities. They might help in minimising sodium consumption, however it is best to devour them sparsely, as with all different salt. 

Q. Is Pink Salt higher than sea salt?

A. Sea salt, a popularly used salt by most households, has been stripped of minerals. It solely has excessive sodium chloride. Alternatively, Pink Salt is unrefined and filled with 84 minerals, missing in fashionable diets. Common use of small portions of Pink Salt maintains our electrolyte steadiness and is a superb different to sea salt. 

Q. Which salt is much less dangerous?

A. Virtually all salt varieties have well being advantages and can be utilized interchangeably in your delicacies. Due to its thyroid-protective properties, iodised salt receives a modest benefit. Nevertheless, it’s equally vital to restrict your salt consumption to keep up blood strain and coronary heart well being. The WHO recommends that the perfect salt restrict for any particular person is one teaspoon (2300 mg) per day. Individuals with hypertension ought to devour 3/4 teaspoon (1500 mg sodium) per day.

Q. How do I take advantage of Himalayan Pink Salt on my face?

A. Himalayan Pink Salt is already a scorching ingredient within the culinary world. Nevertheless, this ingredient may also assist you may have wholesome pores and skin in case you use it in DIYs. It may also be used as a foot soak to ease ache and calm down muscle tissue. Pink Salt comprises anti-inflammatory results that scale back irritations and breakouts whereas hydrating, therapeutic, and soothing the pores and skin. It additionally aids within the retention of moisture within the pores and skin’s deeper layers. As well as, salt is a pure exfoliant that shortly sloughs off useless pores and skin cells, making it a skin-softening physique scrub.  

Q. Does Himalayan Pink Salt increase blood strain?

A. Each the extent of sodium consumption and elevated blood strain has a direct hyperlink. Based on the USDA, Himalayan Salt might have much less sodium than desk salt – as much as 200 milligrams much less per serving in some conditions. This ratio might assist you to use extra Himalayan salt in your meals whereas decreasing your complete sodium consumption. Extra salt, alternatively, raises blood strain. In consequence, lowering sodium in your weight loss program may also help preserve this strain inside vary. 

Q. How a lot Pink Salt ought to we devour in a day?

A. WHO recommends a day by day salt consumption of fewer than 5 grams (about 2 grams sodium) per individual. Nevertheless, consultants from numerous international locations counsel that most individuals devour much more salt than is suggested.

Q. What sort of salt do cooks use?

A. Cooks often use desk salt, kosher salt, sea salt, and coarse salt. 

Q. Why is Himalayan Salt referred to as Himalayan?

A. Himalayan sea salt is a gourmand salt with a complicated title. It isn’t from the Himalayan ranges, nor does it come from the ocean. Nevertheless, Himalayan gourmand sea salt is completely out there in Pakistan, particularly from the Khewra salt mine in Punjab’s Jhelum District. Due to this fact, we name it ‘Himalayan’ as a result of it’s situated not within the Himalayas however within the neighbouring salt vary foothills. 

Q. Does Himalayan Salt decrease ldl cholesterol?

A. Though Pink Salt has bigger crystals than desk salt, it has a decrease sodium content material per teaspoon. It additionally has a saltier flavour than desk salt; thus, it may be utilized in smaller quantities to supply the identical style. Nevertheless, extra salt raises sodium ranges, resulting in hypertension, which could be harmful when mixed with excessive levels of cholesterol. For those who should use salt, be sure you purchase Himalayan rock salt reasonably than processed salt to keep away from this concern.

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