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What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft?

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Enchanting is a large a part of Minecraft, particularly in Survival Mode. Gaining enchantments in your weapons and armor lets you traverse the realms extra freely, with much less concern of loss of life and harm. Some enchantments permit you to have infinite arrows on a bow, have infinite use of a software with out it breaking, and even stroll on water! On this article, we will likely be discussing the Minecraft Channeling Enchantment, from what it really does to how one can receive it.

What Is Channeling?

What is Channeling

Channeling is a trident enchantment that lets you summon a lightning bolt to assault a mob. It was launched into the sport within the 1.13 Aquatic Replace. Channeling is a strong enchantment in Minecraft, but it surely does have some drawbacks.

Professionals And Cons

The principle professional of this Minecraft enchantment is how highly effective it’s. Most mobs that you just hit will find yourself useless inside a max of two hits with a Channeling trident. It’s additionally one of many solely methods to drive spawn Charged Creepers in Survival Minecraft. However it does have its limits.

You’ll be able to solely use this enchantment throughout thunderstorms and it is advisable to be exterior. You can’t use it underground due to this. You can also not use it in water. Even with these limitations although, Channeling continues to be an ideal enchantment.

Acquiring A Trident for Channeling

Obtaining A Trident

Earlier than you possibly can even think about using this enchantment, you first need to receive a Trident. Tridents are a non-craftable merchandise in Minecraft and so they aren’t present in chests or from Villagers both. The one option to get a Trident with out utilizing instructions or turning on Artistic Mode is from a Drowned.

Solely Drowned holding a Trident can drop a Trident, and, in line with the Minecraft wiki, solely 15% of drowned in Bedrock Version (decreased to six.25% in Java) spawn with a Trident in hand. From there, there’s solely an 8.5% likelihood the Drowned will drop the Trident when killed, which means the chances of acquiring one are extraordinarily low. You’ll be able to up the chances a bit, although, by utilizing a Looting III enchanted sword whenever you kill them, which rising the possibility of the Trident being dropped by an extra 3%.

Should you look into methods to make a Drowned Farm, that is one other manner you possibly can even the chances a bit in acquiring a Trident. Drowned will be present in all our bodies of water, particularly oceans, and rivers. It is suggested when making a Drowned Farm to make them in rivers, because it’s a smaller radius with faster spawns.

How you can get the Channeling Enchantment

How to get Channeling

Upon getting received your trident, it’s time to enchant it! You will get Channeling in a number of alternative ways. As it’s an enchantment, you may get it just by inserting a trident on a full, 15-bookshelf Enchanting Desk setup.

You will have to recycle enchantments a number of occasions earlier than Channeling comes up, that is the place having a Grindstone is useful, you possibly can disenchant the Trident and get some XP within the course of, however actually it’s all all the way down to luck.

In case you are affected person with it, you’ll finally get it as an possibility. You can even receive it from minecart and dungeon chests, in addition to shopping for it from Librarian Villagers. You might discover it in different non-village chests scattered across the Overworld.

Makes use of For Channeling

There are a number of totally different makes use of for Channeling. The principle use is for attacking different mobs, so it’s used as an offensive assault. When you’ve got lightning rods positioned and also you intention a Channeling trident at it, lighting will all the time be summoned.

Channeling has totally different results on totally different mobs, nevertheless. Relying on what mob you hit with the enchantment, you possibly can change the mob’s physiology dramatically:

  • Pigs with it’s going to flip it right into a Zombified Piglins
  • Villagers will flip into Witches
  • Mooshrooms will flip into their reverse shade (Crimson to Brown and vise versa)
  • Creepers will flip into Charged Creepers

Channeling is a kind of enchantments you possibly can actually mess around and experiment with to see what kind of results it’s going to have on the world round you!

What Enchantments Work Nicely With Channeling?

What Enchantments Work Well With Channeling

As with all enchantments within the sport, Channeling will be mixed with different enchantments to make it much more highly effective.

One of the best enchantments that work properly with channeling are Mending, which lets you restore your software with XP so it doesn’t break, Unbreaking, which elongates the software’s sturdiness and takes longer to interrupt, Loyalty, which makes the trident return to you want a boomerang, and Impaling, which causes the trident to do additional harm.

Once you mix these enchants collectively, you can be geared up with a extremely good weapon in your arsenal. It is very important notice nevertheless if in case you have the enchantment Riptide in your trident, you can’t mix it with Channeling.

That is much like having the Infinity Enchantment on a bow, and never with the ability to use Mending. Having limitations on the enchantment combos retains the sport honest and, although these enchantments make gameplay simpler, it’s nonetheless a problem to play… and that retains it enjoyable!


Total, the Minecraft Channeling enchantment, though restricted in the place and when it may be used, is an excellent enchantment to have if in case you have a Trident in your stock. It’s a kind of enchants that permits you to have enjoyable along with your atmosphere, while additionally offering safety from hostile mobs.

As a result of thunderstorms are so uncommon throughout the Minecraft world, it offers you one thing to sit up for when one does pop up.

Watch out throwing Channeling tridents at Creepers although and ensure for those who do that you’ve got good armor, or it’s possible you’ll remorse it… or it’s possible you’ll take pleasure in it, relying in your play type!

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